Our Program Funding Offerings

By way of CAI’s Education4Kids initiative, CAI and the Salvaggio Foundation are pleased to make program funding available to qualified education partners.

Technology in Education

Technology has changed the way we learn, and yet in so many inner city schools, technology has not been adequately leveraged to help children succeed academically. The use of technology facilitates child-centric e-learning practices that ensure students receive personalized instruction tailored to their specific needs. Partners wishing to secure grant funding may include the following items in their funding request:

  • Adaptive Learning Software Subscriptions for Istation Reading, Lexia Reading, and Dreambox Math.
  • IT Infrastructure Funding to ensure the technical environment is sound and students have the necessary computer hardware to use computer-based adaptive learning software.

Summer School Enrichment

This offering is designed to combat Summer Learning Loss, a well-researched and widely known problem that is acute among low income students. CAI will provide program funding to qualified education partners who wish to provide adaptive learning educational opportunities to their student population base through the summer months. Partners wishing to secure grant funding may include the following items in their funding request:

  • IT Infrastructure Funding
  • Teacher Stipends
  • Resource Materials
  • Food for Snack Time
  • Educational Trips

Scholarship Funding

We believe a high-quality, holistic education that focuses on academic excellence and character development is an essential component of building tomorrow’s leaders. As a result of this belief, CAI offers CAI Education Partners the opportunity to apply for scholarship funding. To qualify for these funds the partner must have a documented approach to scholarship administration that is approved by CAI. This approach must include information on the selection, payment and governance processes.

Our Education Partners:

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Community Based Organizations

Our Impact

For over 20 years CAI has been working with private schools and community-based organizations to transform the lives of inner city youth. By bringing its business resources to bear, from program funding to thought leadership, we are helping our partners change the lives of children in need and in doing so modeling how one business can make a difference.

Betsy Stein, Director of Academic Programming

Boys & Girls Clubs of Western PA

"Our members love going on Dreambox in our afterschool program. This software truly adapts to each individual learner and provides them with instruction designed to remediate and also enrich learning. Our members are engaged and excited to use this program every day. We have seen a 37% growth in understanding of math concepts, which also translates to in school success. We love using Dreambox!”

Monica Bowles, Program Director

Boys & Girls Club of Easton

"Over the course of 5 years, we’ve seen tremendous growth in reading skills. We went from starting at 88% (2014) of all students reading below grade level to 79% of all students reading at or above grade level (2018). The Istation supplemental reading tool is an asset to the Boys & Girls Club, linking schools and after-school programs together to help students achieve grade level reading.”

Deborah Fries-Jackson, CEO

Boys & Girls Club of Allentown

"The Boys & Girls Club of Allentown is proud to partner with CAI Cares for more than 15 years. CAI Cares has made a tremendous impact on our members through their support of our Istation programming and our Summer Brain Gain Program. Thanks to their funding, training, guidance and technical assistance hundreds of children are able to develop their literacy skills and become lifelong readers. Great Futures State Here!"