Your workplace is the engine of your business. You need reliable and skilled employees who understand your requirements and are committed to rigor and productivity. And you need a diverse workforce that drives innovation, competitive advantage, and organizational effectiveness.

Autism2Work helps pair qualified candidates on the autism spectrum with carefully matched jobs in IT and business operations. We manage not only the recruiting, selection and training of autistic team members, but also the cultural integration, on-the-job supervision, skill development and performance management.

All CAI team members working with Autism2Work associates are trained and certified in autism as designated by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES), the global leader in training professionals to work with individuals on the autism spectrum. These certifications were established to set industry standards and create a worldwide community of trained and knowledgeable professionals. IBCCES is the only training and certification program endorsed by the Autism Society of America. Autism2Work is committed to investing in the knowledge acquisition and skills development needed to improve the outcomes of the populations we serve.

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1 in 59

Americans diagnosed on the autism spectrum


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