Meals on Wheels Blizzard Boxes

  • Associates donate non-perishable food items requested by Meals on Wheels
  • Items are used to create blizzard boxes to feed elderly during bad weather when hot meals cannot be delivered
  • Run by CAI associate, Laurie Kuhns, every fall

While CAI’s primary focus is giving to kids and their families, Lehigh Valley associates also care about the needs of the elderly in our local communities. With advances in medicine and geographic mobility, many seniors are living longer without family members close by to assist them with the basic necessities of life like food. When CAI was approached by Meals on Wheels to participate in the Meals on Wheels Blizzard Box program, CAI associate, Laurie Kuhns did not hesitate to accept the call and champion the program locally.

Each fall, CAI Associates are proud to work with Meals on Wheels of Lehigh County to fill Blizzard Boxes with much needed non-perishable food items in the event that winter weather would prohibit a hot meal delivery. CAI is also proud of Laurie Kuhns who understands that CAI Cares is about one associate catching the vision and sharing it with others.