Exploratory Program

  • Business professionals teaching a subject they love to inner city youth
  • Mentoring friendships that broaden the horizon of the students
  • An opportunity to explore and develop new interests and passions
  • Sample learning sessions include robotics, cooking, art and public speaking
More than a decade and a half ago, following a tour of an inner-city school in Allentown, Pennsylvania, CAI CEO, Tony Salvaggio and his daughter, Suzie Spinosa, a leader in the business, were struck by the lack of resources the school had to provide its students with ancillary programs that would enrich their learning experience. Leaving the school that day, they began to formulate an educational vision of enrichment courses that today has come to be known as CAI's Exploratory Programs.

By tapping into the diverse talents of CAI associates, who voluntarily trade one lunch hour per week to teach a subject they love, the Exploratory Program offers local inner city students the opportunity to have their horizons expanded by participating in learning sessions that include robotics, origami, cooking and public speaking just to name a few. Beyond the fun of exploring something new during the hour they spend at CAI's offices each week, the students receive regular glimpses of what it means to be a professional in a business environment. Perhaps most importantly, they receive the gift of friendship from their adult mentors. If you are interested in learning more about this program, or would like to start a program in your community, please contact CAI Cares for more information.

Through this program and the commitment of CAI Associates, over 50 students annually have the opportunity to explore and develop interests that enrich their lives, both now and in the future. Who knows what breakthrough in science, new food, or work of art will be introduced to our world all because a child had their horizons expanded through CAI's Exploratory Program. The payoff is priceless.