• Elimination of the known phenomenon… Summer Learning Loss
  • Inner city youth with a competitive learning advantage at the start of the new school year
  • Boredom and routine replaced by adventure and discovery
  • Self-paced, technology-driven reading program and hands on math activities
Summer Learning Loss is a known phenomenon among educators and it is particularly detrimental to youth living in low income households. CAI doesn’t want to see any child suffer Learning Loss, but is particularly concerned for those youth who seem to suffer its effects most. Understanding the correlation between learning and achievement, and recognizing that Learning Loss increases as grade levels increase, CAI CEO, Tony Salvaggio knew it was an area that needed to be addressed as part of the CAI Cares Education initiative. As a result, CAI sponsors free Summer Enrichment Programs at a few local schools, as well as at the Boys and Girls Club of Allentown and Easton, PA.

The Summer Enrichment Program gives students a chance to not only maintain their progress in essential reading, writing and math skills, but instead it affords them the opportunity to show forward progress in these skills and in doing so provides them with a learning advantage for the upcoming school year. The Summer Enrichment Program, which typically runs six weeks, four days per week for three hours per day, includes self-paced reading software, hands-on math activities, fun weekly writing themes all designed to encourage and promote further learning. For more information on Summer Enrichment Programs, please contact CAI Cares.