School & Community Based

  • Customized school and youth organization partnerships
  • Inner city youth motivated to achieve more than they thought possible
  • Technology-driven individualized learning plans that keep students actively engaged in the learning process

Several years ago, CAI leadership began to pursue a dream of revolutionizing our education system with the express intent of helping inner-city youth who are marginalized by a failing education system become lifelong learners who are strong, successful members of society. Focused on creating a learning environment that leverages technology to meet the individual learning needs of its students and actively engage them in the learning process, CAI Cares identified a local parochial school in need of help and launched its Education Business Partnership. Today, CAI Cares has customized Education Business Partnerships with several schools and youth organizations across the Lehigh Valley and is actively working in its local business communities to encourage and facilitate new partnerships until every school has a business partner. For information about how your business can partner with a local school or youth organization, contact CAI Cares.