CAI Learning Academy

  • Private school that is fully funded by CAI
  • Opened in September 2014 with 27 kindergarten students
  • Presently, we have 72 students and offer kindergarten, first, second, and third grade
  • High quality, holistic education that focuses on strong mind, body, and values
  • Each student is equipped with an I-Pad and instruction includes both computerized and personal interaction
CAI Learning Academy opened its doors to welcome 27 kindergarten students in September 2014 with the express purpose of inspiring and nurturing them to become self-motivated, life-long learners who are well-equipped to face life after graduation.

At the CAI Learning Academy, our students receive a high-quality, holistic education rooted in the belief that a strong mind, a strong body, and strong values will lead them down a path of academic success, which in turn, will help them to become successful, contributing members of our society. The school, which is comprised primarily of inner-city youth and is fully-funded by CAI, seeks to provide a world-class educational environment where class sizes do not exceed 15 students, each child is equipped with an I-Pad, and instruction includes computerized personal tutoring and instruction, as well as small group study. The school is located at 1033 Washington Street in Allentown, PA.

As a business that is committed to seeing inner-city youth thrive, CAI’s long-term goals are centered on two main objectives. They are:
  1. Make a CAI Learning Academy education a prestigious and sought after education
  2. Open more private schools within the USA, both with CAI support and support from other businesses
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