Healing Hope Missions

  • Located in the Republic of Malawi…a nation devastated by drought, famine and disease
  • An organization devoted to caring for widows, orphans & the poor
  • Meeting the spiritual, educational and physical needs by teaching life-sustaining trades
  • A five year plus partnership built on a shared vision to help those in need
The Republic of Malawi, South Africa, is a country that has been devastated by drought, famine, and disease; it is considered the second poorest nation on the continent and among the ten poorest nations in the world. Several years ago after visiting the country, former CAI associate, David Cuffaro began working with the Malawian people on self-sustaining projects to benefit the local villages and towns. Eventually, he and his wife, Martha, established Healing Hope Mission International (HHMI). This organization is dedicated to the relief and aid of Malawians through equipping and training people in its local communities. The organization provides spiritual, educational and physical needs assistance to widows, orphans and the poor.

CAI has been generous in supporting this organization, and in 2014, purchased greatly needed farm equipment for them. They are now trained and working the soil and grading the road with this new equipment. The ability to grow food , not only ensures that they are able to feed those they assist, it allows them to raise funds that in turn are used to sustain and grow the mission. Please visit http://www.healinghopemissions.bravehost.com/ to read more about the mission, and see how you can help.